The Cleveland Hill School District is a small district located in the suburban community of the Town of Cheektowaga, a first ring suburb of Buffalo, New York. The western border of the district is the City of Buffalo. Nearly all the property in the district is residential with very little commercial and no industrial property.


    The Cleveland Hill community is a small working/middle class neighborhood of solid starter homes and apartments, with a few upscale properties. Most homes were built during the post-World War II building boom, to serve workers in Cheektowaga's growing industrial and research development industries.  Many families have lived in the district for generations and their children are second, third and fourth generation Cleveland Hill district attendees.  Centers in the community are the school, churches and the volunteer fire department, in addition to libraries and Cheektowaga Town Park.


    Our students are racially and ethnically diverse: 47.86% are White, 31.98% are African-American, 6.15% are Hispanic, 4.67% are Asian, 8.64% are Multiracial, .62% are American Indian and .08% are Pacific Islander.  A small minority of students are recent immigrants. This diverse population presents the district with a rich mix of students.


    Cleveland Hill is a single campus district educating 1285 students with one elementary, one middle and one high school located on a 28-acre site in the center of the district.  In the last ten years, the District embarked on a capital project investing $7.5 million renovating the Auditorium, a Distance Learning Room, technology and brick and roof renovations.  In addition, the District is continuing general health, safety and maintenance improvements.



    Cleveland Hill Elementary school houses Universal Pre-Kindergarten to fifth grade.  In addition to the developmental academic programs, academic support programs are available in all areas. Kindergarten screening helps identify children exhibiting learning challenges before they begin their school career.  Special education programs use both co-teaching and consultant teacher models.


    The Middle School, grades six through eight, provides an ideal small setting for the delivering of educational services to this unique age group of learners.  The emphasis is on the development of the whole child to include academic areas as well as on personal/social growth during adolescence.  A strong feature of the Middle School is the close working relationship among teachers for the benefit of the students.  Each grade level has a teacher team to include a consultant teacher who works with special education students in a regular classroom setting.  Additional math and literacy support is available.  Exploratory courses and enrichment activities support and enhance the core academic instruction.


    The Cleveland Hill High School offers a wide range of academic programs, extracurricular activities and support programs that allow the students to develop all facets of their skills and interests. Cleveland Hill is a leader in preparing students to face the challenges they will face as 21st Century Learners.  Students are provided the opportunity to gain college credit in numerous high school course offerings.  In addition, the high school offers distance learning courses.  Five units of Foreign Language study are available, with the fifth unit being a college credit bearing course.  A library media center allows the students to utilize resources and research tools that prepare them for the future. The extracurricular program involves a high percentage of all students and Cleveland Hill teams have been very successful in interscholastic competition.  Cleveland Hill School focuses on providing a safe and positive educational environment where all students "soar toward success".


    The Pupil Personnel Department works diligently to meet the social/emotional needs of both the student body and their families.  District psychologists, school counselors and social workers meet with parents and students alike, in the school setting, home setting and at the Cleveland Hill Family Resource Center.


    Music and athletics have always been areas of high interest for students and the community. Instrumental music lessons begin for students in fourth grade, and there is a band and chorus from fourth to twelfth grade. Our student musicians have received a number of awards for performance and we offer a full complement of interscholastic athletics.


    The Cleveland Hill School District is very small compared to many of its neighbors in Erie County.  While this presents some difficulties, it also provides an outstanding opportunity to maximize on this characteristic and offers teachers and staff an opportunity to meet the needs of a diverse student body. The district is able to focus on the individual learner in order to stress academic excellence and social responsibility as preparation for higher education or the world of work.



    Below is a document, compiled by long-time employee Wayne Weiser that outlines the history of the school district:

    History of Cleveland Hill UFSD



    Cleveland Hill Union Free School District
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