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Childhood classics

  • Harry Potter y la camara  secreta

    Harry Potter y la camara secreta

    by J K Rowling Year Published: Challenging
    Students who enjoy reading the Harry Potter series will love reading the translated texts, which are available at Barnes & Nobles and Borders in the children's section. All 7 books in this series have been translated into Spanish.
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  • Huevos verdes con Jamon

    Huevos verdes con Jamon

    by Dr. Seuss Year Published: Average
    Dr. Seuss books are a great way to practice reading and speaking in Spanish. Students will be familiar with story lines and patterns and quickly pick up on new vocabulary words.
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  • Barron's Spanish verbs

    Barron's Spanish verbs

    by Christopher Kendris Year Published:
    This book shows how to conjugate 300 common Spanish verbs in 14 different tenses. It also explains what each tense means and gives clear examples.
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  • Essential Spanish Grammar

    Essential Spanish Grammar

    by Seymour Resnick Year Published:
    This book outlines all basic Spanish grammar in a simple format with clear examples. It also has a handy index in English that allows the reader to access information quickly.
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