• The Modified Volleyball game scheduled on Thursday 10/10 @ JFK has been changed to to an event being held in their gym.  The game has been moved to Friday 10/18 4:30pm game

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  • Volleyball Tryout Schedule

    • Our Volleyball tryouts will be starting on Tuesday August 27th, from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm.  Tryouts Wednesday and Thursday August 28th and 29th will be held from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm.
    • Teams will be set by 5:30pm Thursday, August 29th and we will be on hand to answer any questions.
    • The mandatory parent meeting will be on Thursday September 5th at 5:15 pm.  Parents are required to attend this meeting in order for their daughter to continue the program. This meeting will only be around 10 to 15 minutes.

    BE ON TIME, which means arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior. Do not schedule conflicting appointments during any part of tryouts.


    What to Bring/What to Wear

    • Wear comfortable clothes: t-shirt, shorts/spandex, socks, sneakers.
    • Do not wear spaghetti-strap tops or shirts exposing a bar midriff.  You will not be allowed to practice until proper attire is put on.  
    • Do not bring jewelry (including earrings) to the gym.
    • Kneepads are recommended, but not required for tryouts.


    Athletic Paperwork

    • You can attend tryouts ONLY after completing all the paperwork required by Clevehill High School.
    • You must visit your health care provider and have him/her complete the PHYSICAL EXAMINATION form unless you completed this with the school nurse within a year.
    • You must have your parents/guardians have to complete the interim form.
    • You must have your parents complete a concussion form.

    All your paperwork must be completed and returned to the High School health office before participation will be allowed.

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  • Sign up for Remind- text @8kckcg to 81010







    Hustle, Loyalty, Respect


    Volleyball played well is a thing of beauty. Few athletic endeavors require as much teamwork; rarely does a sport reward hard work so completely. Your Eagle coach loves volleyball. I am committed to you as students, as athletes and as young women. It is my goal to provide every opportunity for you to become as good as you want to be. More important, I strive to help you and your teammates become the best team you can be.  I intend on setting an example of great sportsmanship.

    Put the team before yourself

    As an Eagle volleyball player, you agree that the team is paramount. Your individual goals and your team’s goals do not necessarily conflict, but when they do, you accept that decisions are made for the good of the team. Successes are sweeter – setbacks sting less – when they are shared.

    Rules help our team run smoothly

    Each player must decide if she buys into our system and is willing to commit to this team. Every rule is for the benefit of the team, and you have to decide, in advance, whether you want to follow them. If not, you should not be part of the team.

    Our team thrives on trust and respect

    You must trust your coach and your teammates, and behave in a way that earns their respect. You must do everything necessary to make yourself and your team better.

    Our athletes learn to be coachable

    There is often more than one way to do things correctly. In some cases, however, I will select a specific strategy for the benefit of the entire team, even if it may not seem to benefit a particular individual. You must be willing to make changes according to your coach’s suggestions. If the coach seems to be ‘riding’ you, it is usually because I think you are capable of a higher level of performance.

    Our team works hard

    Everyone wants to win, but few make the sacrifices to do it. No one will give you anything in life, you must earn it. You cannot cut corners.

    Our team has balance

    To balance academics, athletics, work and family, you must plan ahead and make difficult choices. The choices you make will affect your future opportunities. Choose wisely.

    On our team, bench time is playing time

    Communication is the key to success. This includes communicating on the volleyball court and outside of volleyball

    Our team can be successful

    I want you to know that almost any obstacle can be overcome with hard work. Commitment, perseverance and responsibility will be rewarded.

    Our team is disciplined and our team passes it on

    Discipline is important in all aspects of life. It’s that voice in your head that tells you to do something you don’t want to do but need to do. As you move through high school, share your new skills and insights with new or younger players. Be generous with your time. Be an active and involved.

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