Parent and Student Responsibilities


    It is important that a student is in regular attendance at school when "well".  Every absence,  even part of a school day, interferes with a student's progress at school.

    If a child is absent due to illness, please call the school attendance office the morning of the absence at: Middle or High school 836-7200 ext. 8448, Elementary school 836-7200 ext. 8130. New York State requires a note written by the parent or guardian regarding the student's absence be provided to the school when the student returns to school after their absence. A phone call will be made on the morning of the absence to the primary phone number for the student affirming that he or she has been recorded as absent.

    Students, returning to school after a serious illness or "communicable disease" or who are absent four days or more; must be checked by the school nurse.  Examples of "communicable diseases" are:  chicken pox, shingles, ringworm, head/body lice, impetigo, conjunctivitis (pink eye), Fifth disease, scabies etc.

    A note from the student's doctor is required from his/her family physician stating the communicable disease and clearing them to return to school.

    Emergency cards are to be completed as soon as they are received and returned to the school.  Please notify the school nurse  throughout the school year in regards to: a change in phone numbers and emergency contacts, health problems, illnesses, surgeries, and medications in order for the nurse to better take care of your child.


    It is very important for your mental and physical health that you eat breakfast and get adequate amounts of sleep and activity.

    Students need a pass to come to the Health Office unless it is an emergency.

    A student who is ill & needs to go home for a health reason must be sent home by the School Nurse. A parent/guardian must pick up the student.  A student will not be allowed to walk home or drive him/her self home if he/she is ill.