Physical Education Excuses





    The physical examination for Pre-K students must be submitted before the student has been in the Pre-K program for 30 calendar days. A private physical examination may be accepted if it has been done not more than twelve months prior to the commencement of the school year in which the examination is required.


    The following must be provided for any child entering a Pre-K program:


    • a report of a medical examination, signed by a licensed health provider, stating that the child is free of contagious or communicable disease

    • a record of the child’s immunizations demonstrating compliance to Section 2164 of the Public Health Law, or has a medical or religious exemption from such immunizations

    • a record that the child has had a blood lead test prior to or within 3 months of initial enrollment.


    A complete list of Pre-K requirements can be obtained from the Nurse’s Office.


    Grades K - 12


    In accordance with the Cleveland Hill School District policy and the New York State regulations, all students in kindergarten, second, fourth, seventh and tenth, plus all new students entering our school district are required to have a physical examination and requires each student’s health certificate or health appraisal to include an assessment of Body Mass Index (BMI) and weight status (based on BMI-for-age percentile). Special education students may need a physical examination as part of their triennial evaluation. Also, all those students who participate in school sports must have a yearly physical examination. This examination may be completed by the child’s own physician or by the school doctor. Students who do not provide proof of a physical examination by a personal physician will be examined by the school doctor at the beginning of the school year.


    Education Law Sections 903 & 904



    If a student is to be excused from physical education class on a one day basis, a written request from the parent/guardian is required. If a student needs to be excused from physical education class for an extended period of time, a note from a physician is required. All notes must be submitted to the school nurse.




    Students must take off all jewelry before participating in Physical Education classes. This includes all new piercings. If you are going to get new piercings, be sure to allow proper healing time before classes resume in September and after holidays.



    Emergency Data Forms are required for all students.  We ask that all families list the phone number of a relative or friend that can be contacted in an emergency.  A student who is feeling ill must ask permission to go to the nurse's office from a class.  The nurse will then attempt to contact a parent or guardian.  In the interest of a student's health and safety, a student may not leave school without a parent/guardian and the nurse's permission.

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