Any student requiring medication (including over-the-counter drugs, cough drops, ear and eye drops) during the school day must be under the direct supervision of the school nurse. The procedures are in accordance with statutory regulations outlined by the Nurse Practice Act and Provision of the State Education Law. All 4 below must be in place before we can administer any medication to your child. 


    1. Medication is to be delivered to the health office by the parent/guardian and it will be stored in a locked area.


    2. Medicine is to be in the original pharmacy bottle with the pharmacy label intact, the first and last name of the student, name of the drug, the dosage, and the frequency of administration.


    3. A signed medication administration form from the physician, stating name of the student, name of the drug, the dosage, time of administration and the reason for giving the medication.


    4. A signed medication administration for with parent/guardian signature requesting that the medication be given by the school nurse as prescribed by the physician must also be submitted.



    Please see "commonly used forms" tab to print the medication administration form that must be signed by the parent and physician. They are also available in the nurses office. Thank you.