High School Student Support Center


    In addition to the academic counseling provided to students, the counselor works with students personal concerns, provides consultation to parents and professional staff, assist in conflict resolution and crisis intervention, and make referrals to carious agencies and other professionals for more intensive services. High school counselors also assist students in post - high school career plans.  

    Mr. Nicholas Stapleton
    School Counselor grade 9-12  A-K
    836 - 7200. ext. 8443

    Mrs. Corinne Fahey                                     
    School Counselor grade 9-12    L - Z                        
    836 - 7200 ext. 8302

    Mrs. Erin Cogan
    College & Career Readiness Counselor
    836-7200 ext. 8444

    School psychologists provide a variety of services, including individual student assessments of learning needs, student centered consultation for staff and parents, assisting students with various daily conflict resolution and crisis intervention services for students and families. The School psychologist also address the specific needs related to special education students and the Committee on Special Education.

    Savannah Lussier
    School Psychologist
    836 - 7200 ext. 8540