7th Grade Art Curriculum


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With Mrs. Peters


This year art course will be 20 weeks in length, offered every THREE days for an hour long.  

THIS YEAR IN 7TH GRADE YOU CAN LEARN ( depending on the amount of time for each class, individual differences in learning, and the learning pace of the class.)

All of these units and lessons follow the NY State standards for art education.

Safety first!

Why is art education important?

What are my student rights and responsibilities? 

How to make a paper portfolio.

 How to make your own Art book or sketch book,  Learn a modified way of Japanese Stab binding.

Learn about Color theory- where Art and Science (Physics) combine

Who is Sir Isaac Newton?

Who is Johann Wolfgang von Goethe? 

Optical illusions with colors- Larry Poons and Orange Crush

Create a complex color wheel- mixing 5 colors to make 48 using tempera paint.

Create beautiful watercolor painting using only warm and cool colors.

 How to stretch watercolor paper

wet- in wet wash

Dry brush

Crayon /or wax resist

 How to create a Silhouette

Learn about Symmetry and balance in art. View examples in Islamic art.

Radial Balance and Repetition

Create your one of a kind radial design

What is a Thumbnail sketch?

Create a Ceramic Tile Box

Slab method

Slip and score

How to transfer images

Learn about Space in Art

Drawing: point perspective- the CLONE OF VP in cube city

How to Draw in 3-dimensions

How to shade using color and value

How to use Prismacolor colored pencils- 

What's the difference between Crayola and and Prismacolor Peremire colored pencils? techniques: overlay, blending, burnishing. 

DIGITAL 3-D cities** NEW THIS YEAR- USING the computer program TUXPAINT- students will  learn how to draw on the computer. Learning simple methods or drag and drop, fill, airbrush, etc.

 Learn about the art or Printing and repetition

Linoleum Relief Printing

Positive and negative space

Who is Kathe Kllowitz and what is a social issue?

Learn about Textiles and  the Age old Art of Coil containers- 

History of coil containers:  The art of Native Americans and Africa

Textile design, pattern, and lazy stitch, figure 8 stitches, raffia, jute, color.

Learn about the  Japanese Art of Paper folding Origami 

How to fold a swan, pelican, jumping frog, crane, and the 48 fold iris flower.

Who is Sadako Sasaki?

Art history slides-You will also be learning about Famous Artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Sandy Skugland, Kath Kollowitz, M.C. Escher, and Salvador Dali and recording your findings about these artists in your art book.