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With Mrs. Peters 

This year art course will be 20 weeks in length, offered every THREE days for an hour long.  

THIS YEAR IN 8TH GRADE YOU CAN LEARN ( depending on the amount of time for each class, individual differences in learning, and the learning pace of the class.)

All of these units and lessons follow the NY State standards for art education.

Safety first!

Why is art education important?

What are my student rights and responsibilities? 

How to make a paper portfolio.

  Mrs. Peters is still working on this page: but here are some of the units we may do this year in art:

Portraits- What is a portrait and why are they important in art? Who is Leonardo Da Vinci? Principle of design: Proportion. Step-by-Step Drawing lesson Guided Practice. Independent Learning. Learning new techniques, the proportion of a human head. Math, science and art combine.  Anatomy of a human head and face. Ebony pencil. H, HB, 3B, 6B. Kneaded eraser, Magic/ vinyl eraser, Blending stomps. How to shade the face properly. How to blend evenly. How to use the element of Art: Value to make the face look three- dimensional or real. Contour lines, contour shading.

3-D Abstract sculpture foam heads- Ripped collage and precise cut collage- Modge-Podge

Photo booth paintings/ collage - 18x24" Canvas Board painting with acrylic paint.

Altered books- Creative Homework assignment for student to experiment with art techniques learned in class, and at home.

Artist trading cards- community art project- Possibly trading with schools in Virgina and Texas

Proportions of the body- Leonardo da Vinci continued. life drawing- Compressed Charcoal- Vine Charcoal, Conte crayon, Pastel, Drawing pencils.

Magnet mural- Community Class project to add art to our school hallways and possibly and art car :)

Pen and ink drawing**

Screen Printing** NEW THIS YEAR: Create your own silk screen printed T-shirt. The Cleveland Hill Art department.