6th grade Field trip 2015


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     On Wednesday, February 4th the entire 6th grade went on a special field trip to the Albright Knox art Gallery and the Buffalo Museum of Science.  The day was filled with learning, excitement, fun, and special memories.

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       Our morning stop was at the Albright Knox art Gallery where students met with a volunteer docent who showed select works of art to our students. The docents and students discussed the various works of art, asked questions, made art connections with works of art that students made in their first quarter art class.  Eyes couldn’t have been wide enough to take in all of the colors, lines, dots, and images at the gallery.  Our students had questions, and were willing to make decisions about artwork that they might not have been able to experience in the art classroom. The Albright Knox has a world-renowned collection of modern art and contemporary art.  Students were able to see and learn about famous artist like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jim Dine, George Braque, Helen Frankenthaler, Paul Gauguin, and many more.  This part of our day was a great experience for all the students and chaperones. For more information about the Albright Knox and free admission on the first Friday of ever month go to www.albrightknox.org.

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    Our afternoon was filled with wonderment when we arrived at the Buffalo Museum of Science.  There was a special National Geographic 3D Cinema presentation of Mysteries of the Unseen World.  Students watched in amazement as the world of science unfolded before them. Students learned about time- lapse photography, electron microscopy, and nanotechnology. The visually stunning images of bugs, water, wavelengths, and the human body that popped off of the screen were welcomed with “OH’s and AHHH’s.” from our students.  After the theater students enjoyed lunch and were on to explore the four floors of interactive play and hands-on learning.  Students were able to view and experience the following exhibits: Digging into Western New Yorks past, Vertebrate evolution, WNY woodlands, Our place in space, Explore YOU: Health sciences, Our Marvelous Earth, In Motion, Bug works, NANO, and Artifacts. Students and Chaperones were delighted with how the world of science can be so interesting and fun. There was almost too much to see and do in one visit. For more information about the Buffalo Museum of Science go to www.sciencebuff.org.  Special thanks to the teachers and the nurse who were able to be chaperones on this unforgettable day of learning.