Grade 2

  • Resources to Help Students Develop Skills Needed to Meet the Common Core Learning Standards

    We offer paid subscriptions to these sites. Student login information has been sent home or can be retrieved from your child's teacher.  


    Language Arts 

    IXL offers a dynamic and fun environment to practice math and language arts skills aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards.  You can easily find extensive practice problems specifically tailored to the standards.  Students can see how they are progressing with their SmartScore and medals earned.  If a student submits an incorrect answer, IXL provides the right answer with a question-specific step-by-step explanation. Students receive immediate feedback and learn from their mistakes.


    Language Arts

    Spelling City offers an exciting place to practice spelling as well vocabulary.  The wide variety of activities keeps students returning.


    All subjects

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    Keyboarding gives individualized student practice in order to reach the Common Core goal of demonstrating sufficient command of keyboarding skills to type (W 2.6 may refer to a keyboarding requirement).