Therapy Rules and Speech & Language Star Chart

  • Speech & Language Therapy Rules and Consequences

    Each student will be made aware of the Speech & Language Rules on his first day of therapy in September. A Speech & Language Star Chart will be inside each student's speech folder.

    Please read the following information for details:


    - The rules are the same for each student and are outlined in their folders.

    - A "Speech & Language Star Chart" has been made with the rules outlined.

    -For each rule that is followed in class, a stamp will be placed in a square on the "Speech & Language Star Chart". 

    - There are 7 rules and there are 7 spaces for each therapy session. 

    - If a rule is not followed, a stamp will not be granted.

    - Students will be able to earn the stamp back at their next session.

    -If no homework was given, then a stamp will not be given. This will not count against student's as they fill up their chart.

    - When the chart is filled up, students earn a trip to the Speech Treasure Box. They also get to place a star on a larger chart displayed in the classroom indicating that they successfully filled up one Speech Star Chart!  

    - Notes or cards will be sent home to share positive work habits or attitude in speech when appropriate.

    Speech & Language Rules

    1. Bring your folder to speech.

    2. Homework must be signed by the adult that helped you.

    3. Share one of the goals you are working on.

    4. Take turns when you speak.

    5. Try your very best with everything.

    6. Tell what we worked on in speech today.

    7. Tell one way you will use this skill in your classroom.


    Please click on the link below to view the Speech & Language Star Chart that the students use in Speech/Language Therapy.


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