SEPTEMBER... Welcome Back to Speech! - September Is A Time For Getting Back Into The Groove!

  • Welcome Back To Speech & Language Therapy with Mrs. Lang! 

    Over the summer, students were given summer speech and language practice work to  help keep their skills strong! Its important to maintain the skills we have learned in my classroom over the summer.

    Lets Get Back Into It!

    Speech and language therapy will officially begin the first full week of classes. Prior this week, I will be working closely with classroom and special education teachers, remedial reading, the occupational and physical therapists, as well as specialty area teachers to create a "therapy schedule".

    Please be assured that your child will  NOT miss academic instruction while at speech and language sessions. Students are also not scheduled during their lunch time or during their specials (music, gym, art, etc).

    I will send home a note with each student once the schedule is finalized. Sometimes it take a little bit of "tweeking" to get the schedule just right so that everyone is accomodated.

    September Is A Time For Reviewing

    Classroom Rules & Expectations 

    During the first week of therapy I will review my classroom rules with each therapy group. Each student will be given a "Speech Folder". A copy of the classroom rules will be placed in the students folders too. Within the folder will be an outline of the skills he/she is working on in therapy. It is important that students know why they come to my room, and what they are working on.

    Each student is responsible for his own folder and will be taking it home on a regular basis. Homework assignments and "practice" for home will be given as needed. Within the speech folders students will also have an award chart. This will be filled out at the end of each session. A specific number of speech stamps will be earned based on participation and performance.

    Come And See The Speech Room!

    If you attend "Meet The Teachers Night" on Tuesday September 13th, please come to room 212 in the elementary school to visit the Speech and Language Room. I would love to meet you!