The Cleveland Hill Education Foundation (CHEF) presented the

    Cleveland Hill Elementary School with 6 Enrichment Sources purchased

    in memory of Patricia York. Mrs.York was an enrichment and fifth grade

    teacher prior to her retirement in 2004, as well as an author. Her passion

    for education and the students of Cleveland Hill, inspired her family to

    designate memorial donations to CHEF.


    After Mrs.York’s death in 2005, many of her friends and colleagues

    chose to honor her memory by donating to CHEF. A generous donation

    was also made by her family. Colleen Proehl, CHEF President, sought

    input from the staff as to how the donated funds could be put to best

    use.Teachers Nancy Bogner, Christine DeMan, Doug Lamb, Shawn

    Sheehan, and Barb Weber formed a committee to explore the various

    options. Remembering Mrs.York’s commitment to and enthusiasm for

    providing enrichment opportunities for students, her peers decided to

    create six enrichment resource centers. Each grade level, from

    kindergarten to fifth grade, has its own cabinet filled with materials

    chosen by the grade level.Teachers came up with wish lists for hands on

    materials to enrich their curriculum. A wide variety of materials were

    purchased, ranging from an erupting volcano model, a telescope,

    electronic circuit kits, and field compasses. DVDs and books were

    purchased for the library as well, including a science fiction book

    coauthored by Mrs.York.

    It is a lasting legacy of learning that will impact students

    of Cleveland Hill for many years to come.


    Mrs. York was a member of the CHEF board.


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