•       We will be working on addition and subtraction facts all year. The students will have 1 minute to do 20 facts. The tests are in levels +2, +3, +4, etc. Each student will move levels when they pass with a 19 or 20 three times. Please try to practice these facts with your child. Our fact tests will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
    Counting numbers
        skip counting 2, 5, 10's
        even - odd
        adding and subtracting

    Number Sense
        number families
        compare and order numbers to 100
        understanding tens and ones

    Addition - Two Digit Numbers
        add with and without regrouping
        addition word problems - Look for key words

    Subtraction - Two Digit Numbers
        subtract with or without regrouping
        subtraction word problems - Look for Key words

        collecting and recording data - tallies
        pictographs - reading and creating graphs
        bar graph - reading and creating graphs

    Time and Money
        telling time to five minutes
        writing and reading time and money
        recognizing coins
        counting coins to $1.00

    Advanced Number Sense
        reading and writing numbers to 1000
        comparing and ordering numbers to 1000
        understanding hundreds, tens and ones

    Addition of Three Digit Numbers
        understanding regrouping
    Subtraction - Three Digit Numbers
        understanding regrouping across three numbers

    Geometry and Fractions 
        recognize and name 2D and 3D shapes
        make and take apart shapes
        partition shapes into halves, thirds, and fourths

        Nonstandard units
       Metric - centimeter, meter
       Customary - inches, feet, yards and miles