• We will be working on reading for a large portion of the day.

         We will be using the reading series as a class. We will be reading a story together weekly. That is the story that the students will be tested on. We will also be working on some phonics and comprehension skills during this time. I will send home vocabulary words to study each Monday in the yellow folder. Our story test will be on Thursday and it will include the vocabulary words.

          Then we will also be reading in small groups either based on reading level or needed skills. The class will be working on Language based activities during this time. These activities will include listening, writing, word work and read to self. The students will rotate to different centers during that time.
          During September,  I will be reading individually with each child to determine a reading level. We will also be learning about each of the centers and how to use them properly. This training will pay off throughout the year ahead. 

    The students will also be assessed for growth in January and in May.