My Homework

  •        I understand that nights are busy. I have tried to make the homework as easy as possible by making it the same each week.
           Each week your child will bring home a yellow reading folder on Monday. Inside you will find

    a vocaulary list - Study the words for story test on Thursday 

    a Spelling list - Test will be on Friday - ideas to help you study are also in the folder

    a story with questions - Please review the story with your child and go over the questions. The answers should be in complete sentences.

    I will also give a math assignment each week. I will give it out on Thursday and it will be due on Friday.

    We may have a few longer projects for science or social studies. I will let you know when those projects are coming.

    I may also send home work not completed here at school or work for students who may need extra practice.

    You will also be receiving study guides to help you and your child study for test. Please review new concepts at home.

    You will receive a calendar at the beginning of each month. It will contain important information about the month ahead.