Supply List

  • First Grade Supply List

    A backpack (no wheels)

    A plastic pencil box

    1 pair of Fiskar scissors

    Art smock or old shirt


    2 pink erasers

    5 pkg. of 10 #2 pencils- sharpened

    3 boxes of crayola crayons ( 24 count)

    1 box of Washable Crayola markers ( 8 count) - CLASSIC COLORS Please!

    large (.77 oz) Elmers glue sticks in a ziploc bag

    2 highlighters

    2 boxes of kleenex

    5 pocket folders with 3 prongs - blue, red, yellow,purple and green(Plastic preferred) - PLEASE DO NOT LABEL THESE

    1 black and white marbled composition notebook

    1 box of small ziploc bags (BOYS ONLY)

    1 box of gallon size ziploc bags (GIRLS ONLY)

    2 boxes of baby wipes (without alcohol)

    1 pair of Headphones (you can get them at the Dollar Store)

    4 Black Expo markers