Welcome to Earth Science!

  • Regents Earth Science is a course whose successful completion will require a passing grade (65%) in the course and on the NYS regents exam, which includes a hands-on lab practical.


    Earth science is a broad term that refers to the study of the Earth, its systems and its place and neighbors in our galaxy. This topic includes 3 major parts; Geology-the study of the parts that make up the Earth, Astronomy-the study of space and Meteorology- the study of the Earth’s atmosphere and its changes. These components have a large effect on our everyday lives and because of that, it is important that we understand them.


    In this course, students will investigate the fundamentals of earth science and learn how they impact our everyday lives. The learning process will be accomplished through notes, classroom demonstrations, hands-on activities and laboratory experiments. This process will be enhanced through the use of discussions, projects and homework assignments.


    Regents Earth Science will meet daily with two additional periods per cycle devoted to laboratory experiments