This is an image of the proposed elementary school main entrance with enhanced security
This is an image of the middle and high school entrance with the added security planned through the smart schools plan

Cleveland Hill Smart Schools Phase 1 Project Details

  • The elementary, middle, and high schools will increase the security at the main building entrances.

    The elementary school main office is being reconfigured to change the location of the main entrance. The new main entrance will be located between the existing exterior doors and the existing interior doors. This door will be located where the current office window exists. The door to the office will be locked and will require either the use of a school authorized security card or release by the door attendant. The door attendant will view and converse with the visitor prior to releasing the door lock. The path for visitors to enter the building will be through the main office. The existing exterior doors will be unlocked during school hours. The interior foyer doors will be locked all day. The interior doors will have a security badge detector mounted for employee card access. New security cameras will be mounted on the ceilings of the office and entry foyer.

    The middle and high school offices are being reconfigured with additional security cameras and new door releases. New teller style windows will replace the current windows in the middle and high school offices. The interior doors will be locked. Visitors to the buildings will check in with the office clerical staff at the teller window prior to the interior locks being released and permitting access to the building by the visitor.

    Approximately 100 new digital security cameras will be placed throughout the building. Most of these are replacements for older analog cameras that are currently in use. With the upgrades of the cameras, additional server hardware will be installed for the security system.