• How to export scores from Classroom to PowerSchool


    Exporting scores from Classroom to PowerSchool is not something that can happen directly right now. It's currently a two-phase process: 1) export scores out of Classroom, and then 2) after setting up the file correctly, import them into PowerSchool. This process requires that you feel comfortable with sorting a chosen spreadsheet column alphabetically. If you don't know how to do that, you'll likely be more comfortable copying the grades to PowerSchool by hand. (I've heard it's possible to copy a list of scores and paste them all at once into the PowerTeacher gradebook; you might want to give that a try.)


    Here's a document containing step-by-step screenshots if you decide you want to import them. It appears to be made in the classic version of gradebook (not PowerTeacher Pro), but the steps should still be similar. A note: they demonstrate exporting just a single assignment, but you can also export all your assignments out of Classroom at once if you'd like.

  • The Student View of Google Classroom

    It can be difficult to imagine things from the student perspective if you don't see it. This video is geared towards parents trying to help their children, but it will give you a great visual of what kids see when they log into the software. You'll see in the To Do section how helpful it is to have due dates on your assignments, and to make sure that anything requiring student interaction is created as an assignment and not as an announcement.