Teaching live

  • You can teach live so students can see both your face and your screen. Both Google Hangouts Meet and Zoom allow you to do this easily. Hangouts Meet is a little easier to get started with, and Zoom has more features (think like a souped-up version), so you can use whichever you prefer. 


    Here's a chart showing a comparison of the features of Zoom free, Zoom Pro, and Google Meet.


    Are you looking for resources about recording lessons? Those have moved to a whole new page of their own! Check out the Recording Lessons page linked in the submenu.



Google Meet Help

  • How to use Hangouts Meet for live video conferencing.

    Please note: Google dropped the word "Hangouts" from the title on 4/22. Going forward it will be called only Google Meet. However, some resources made before this date will refer to it as Hangouts Meet.


    Students can join Meet with a link. If joining from a Chromebook, they will not need any additional software; it will run through the web. Please note that Meet only works in Chrome, not in Firefox or Safari. If joining on their phone, they will need to download the Meet app. 

    Google's Hangouts Meet cheat sheet

    How to join a Meet session


    * A tip: If you record a Meet session, it will save to Google Drive, but not immediately. Give it a few minutes before you look for it. It saves to a folder called Meet Recordings in My Drive. Go get a cup of coffee; maybe by the time you get back it will magically appear. It will also send you an email confirming when it's ready. The name of the recorded file will match the meeting ID you used. Right-click it to rename it to something else you like better.


    Here is the recording for the Meet virtual class held on March 17. You must be a member of the CH Faculty groups to view this.


    New as of 4/22: Use different layouts during a Meet, including the Tiled View. Directions are here.

A Video Tour of Zoom

Zoom Resources

  • Here's a video walkthrough of setting up the security settings in Zoom. You must be logged into your Cleve Hill Google account to see the video below.

  • Teaching with your document camera

    You can include your document camera view while you teach live. You would just need to open the Visualizer app first, and then share your screen with students, focusing on this app. 


    The Visualizer program has an option to view picture-in-picture, so you can see your face in the corner as you share your IPEVO view. Click the icon that looks like a picture-in-picture and then make sure its selected camera is your webcam, while the big portion of the screen shows the IPEVO camera.


    These slides are from a document camera class I previously taught. You can use them for a guide on how to create recordings of your lesson materials and share them with students.


    Document camera sign-out

    You must fill out a form before you take your document camera home to work on lessons. Please access and fill out that form here.