Software We Subscribe To (so it's free to you!)

  • Edpuzzle

    We subscribe via the High School. Anyone can enter the code to get unlimited video lessons. The code can be found under the Staff tab; sign into the website so you can see the Document Library, and it will be under Computer Services Resources.


    • Edpuzzle allows you to take a video from YouTube and add your own questions or notes to check for students' understanding. It also gives you information about how much of the video the students have watched, and how many times they watched each section. 
    • Edpuzzle has many helpful resources on their site to get you started. Here's a very helpful article about using Edpuzzle with Google Classroom.

    Take a look at Edpuzzle's training slides below.

  • Insert Learning

    We have the entire domain whitelisted, so as long as you create an account with your school email address, you will automatically have access to this tool. 



    • With InsertLearning you can "make the internet your lesson." Take any website you want students to read and insert your own notes, highlights, questions, and more, right on the page and in between paragraphs. 


    The slides below are the ones I've used in my previous training class on InsertLearning. Feel free to pause these as needed to read them in more depth or follow along in your browser with your own InsertLearning account.

  • Mystery Science

    A paid collection of science lessons and materials available for grades K-5 and aligned to the NGSS.

Software That's Free to Everyone

  • RAZ Kids

    We have licenses for the elementary school.

  • Epic! Books for Kids

    Always free for educators. Students can login during school hours for free if attached to a teacher's class.

  • Seesaw

    Seesaw is free as long as you use less than 100 activities and have no more than one co-teacher. Optionally, you can pursue becoming a Seesaw Ambassador in order to get free Seesaw Plus access for your class, which comes with additional features. This program is subject to available from Seesaw.