Recording Lessons

  • You can record your lessons so students can see both your face and your screen. You have multiple options for doing so. Click the link in each option to jump down to that section of the page below.


    Option 1: Record as you teach live in Google Meet or Zoom; save and share the recorded video. This is a good choice if you are already teaching live; there's no need to teach the lesson a second time.


    Option 2: Record on a Mac using the built-in QuickTime program. You can record your screen, your face (a "movie"), or both; however, the screen windows will cover up your face unless you adjust things around. This one works especially well if you are teaching using only one or the other and if you want a really simple option. 


    Option 3: Record using, up to 15 minutes free. This is great for showing both your face and your screen and works well for teaching from slides and other websites. It's also great because it includes a "pause" button so you can stop recording and restart when you're ready.


    Option 4: Record using your IPEVO document camera and the IPEVO Visualizer software. This may be the best option if you are already familiar with using the IPEVO software and you have a lot of hard copy teaching materials you want to share. This software also allows you to pause recording and restart when ready.


    Option 5: Record using an iPad and the Educreations whiteboard app. Note: Educreations Pro is currently available free for educators. This can be a good option if you don't have a document camera available and/or if you prefer to teach primarily with a whiteboard. Note: this is the only option that doesn't also allow you to see your face at the same time as the teaching screen.


    This page will share more information for how to do all of these. Jump down to the one that is the best fit for your needs.


    Below all these options, there are a few other notes, including for recording audio only and how to upload recordings so they can be shared with students.


    A tip: Need a quick, simple whiteboard that you don't have to log into? Try this one: Web Whiteboard.




Meet and Zoom

  • There are many resources specific to Zoom and Google Meet on the Teaching Live page. All you'd need to do is record the meeting as it is live. A few things to note.

    • Meet records to Google Drive when you are finished.
    • Zoom records to your hard drive when you are finished, or you can set up cloud recording and it will put it online and send you a link. If you save it to your hard drive, you can upload it to Google Drive after you're done. 
    • Zoom has the ability to pause and resume the video mid-recording. Meet does not. You'd have to edit the Meet video when you're done if needed, using different software such as iMovie or WeVideo.


  • The video below demonstrates how to record a lesson using QuickTime. I realized after I finished that I never included the image of where to start the recording, so I'm putting that below.

    Screenshot of QuickTime Player File menu



Document Camera

  • Recording video from your document camera

    These slides are from a document camera class I previously taught. You can use them for a guide on how to create recordings of your lesson materials and share them with students.


    Document camera sign-out

    You must fill out a form before you take your document camera home to work on lessons. Please access and fill out that form here.


  • Free Educreations Pro

    You can use Educreations to make video lessons using a whiteboard and your voice. They are temporarily offering their Pro features for free to teachers. Check out the offer from Educreations to upgrade your account. Educreations works best on an iPad where you can draw on the screen, but you can also use it on any other device as well.

A Few Other Things


    Recording audio only

    If you only need to record your voice, a good option is This is a super simple site to use. When you are finished, you can download your recording and save a copy to your Drive, which you can then share. You can also share with a link directly from the Vocaroo site. 


    Uploaded recorded videos

    If you record a lesson from Zoom or your document camera, the file will save as an MP4 video file. You will need to upload that into Google Drive so it can be shared to Classroom*. Please note that the video will take some time to process. Depending on the length of the video, that could be at least a half hour. Plan ahead so students can view the videos when you intend them to.


    * Why upload to Drive first? Yes, you could attach the video directly to Classroom. I advise putting it in Drive first so you can organize videos into folders, keep track of where they are (you may want to reuse them in the future!), and share them directly as needed.