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On-Demand Classes

  • These classes have previously been taught live to teachers at Cleveland Hill. If you missed them, you can still watch them and receive CTLE and clock hour credit for them! Each class contains one or more tasks to complete. Simply watch the class and participate as if you were watching live. Email me when you have finished and I will send you a certificate of completion. All classes are one hour long unless indicated in the link description. Be sure to click "View All" at the bottom of the page to see the full list. There are many more; this page only shows you the most recent ones!


    Need the post-class reflection form? Click here to access it.


    Note: These classes are only viewable by teachers at Cleveland Hill UFSD. Please make sure you are signed into your Cleveland Hill Google account in order to view them. I will not grant access to outside email addresses (e.g., accounts).