Office 365 Links and Tutorials

  • Introductory Information about Office 365:

    • As an employee of Cleveland Hill, you are entitled to download the latest version of the Office Suite onto your home computer (you actually could download it on up to 5 different PC's or Macs)
      • You can also add the "apps" to 5 different phones or tablets.


    • Basically, Office 365 is Microsoft's version of Google Drive.  
      • Microsoft Word is equivalent to Google Docs
      • Microsoft Excel is equivalent to Google Sheets
      • Microsoft PowerPoint is equivalent to Google Slides
      • Microsoft One Drive is equivalent to Google Drive (where you can store AND share documents with others)


    • Microsoft Office 365 can be used on ANY machine (as it is cloud based).  You can use it on a desktop or laptop (Mac or Windows), an iPad or Surface, a Chromebook and a Smart Phone.


    • The formatting between Office 365 and the Microsoft Office on your machine is identical (so you do NOT have to worry about funky conversions).


    Office 365 Tutorials


    Below is a link to a page with "Office Quick Starts" directly from Microsoft.  These are brief tutorials on using Office 365:


    Office Quick Starts


    Below are the tools that are available to you:


    Office Images