From the Superintendent of Schools


    A quick walk around the campus will demonstrate how busy the 2018–2019 school year really was.  We are pleased to report that a majority of the work in our capital project has been successfully completed.  I want to thank our faculty, staff, students and entire school community for the understanding, patience and support during the more disruptive phases of the project.  We are thrilled with the results of our investment.  Cleveland Hill has many new looks, greater efficiencies and improved safety structures for our students, faculty and staff.


    That said, though the scope of work is significantly narrower, you will see substantial work being completed this summer.  Specifically, several of our rooftop air handling units have reached the end of their life expectancies and warranties, and will be swapped out for new more energy efficient systems.  Please note that while this work is being completed that some areas of the campus will be off limits.  This includes areas both inside the building and around the campus.  We do expect that this will impact our summer school.  Some summer school classes and sessions will have to be moved during the course of the summer to maintain the integrity and quality of our programs.  


    You may recall that high bids for this project resulted in us having to cut some work out of the project.  This included site work on the softball field.  I am pleased to report that much of the work completed thus far has come in under budget, allowing us to add the work on the softball field back into the project.  This addresses a significant safety concern as spectators at the softball diamond would regularly have to dodge line drives from our boy’s baseball games.  Our hopes are that this work is completed in early fall, and that the field is ready for the girls in the spring.


    The administrative restructuring plan that the Board of Education approved last year is being implemented.  We will be bidding fair well to our Director of Technology, Mr. Larry King, who will be retiring this summer after a long and very successful career here at Cleveland Hill.  We will not be filling this administrative vacancy.  These responsibilities will now be shouldered by Mr. Daryl Janus, our current Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Information, and the rest of our Technology Department staff.  We are confident that our high-quality technology and computer services will continue with this new model.


    We are excited as we look ahead to the 2019–2020 school year.  We continue to see impressive student achievement results, and are proud that both our Elementary and Middle schools again received the “Beating the Odds and Building Opportunities” recognition for being one of the top performing high-poverty schools in New York State.  Many of the initiatives that have resulted in these kind of recognitions will continue, along with some new ones that focus on specific areas of our instructional programming that we want to see growth in.


    As you may have learned, we are welcoming a new Principal to our Elementary School.  Mrs. Marcie Pascual was appointed in June to take over for Mr. Patrick McCabe.  The interviewing committee consisting of faculty, staff, parents and administrators was charged with one task, “find the best”, and I am pleased to report that they did.  Mrs. Pascual who was previously our Elementary School Assistant Principal rose to the top amongst a challenging field of candidates.  We are all excited to have her take over as the new leader in our elementary school.  Mr. McCabe accepted the Superintendent of Schools position in the Akron Central School District.  We wish him all the best and owe him a debt of gratitude for all that he has done for Cleveland Hill.


    On behalf of the Board of Education, we again thank you for your ongoing trust and support.  Please do not hesitate to call if you ever have any questions, concerns or comments.




    Jon T. MacSwan