From the Superintendent of Schools


    On behalf of the Board of Education and all of us here at the Cleveland Hill Schools, we hope that you and yours had a wonderful holiday season.  I have typically used these articles to keep you abreast of district initiatives and programs, which I will do at the end.  However, I will use this opportunity to share with you why we will emphasize expanding parent and community participation and leadership in district sponsored clubs and organizations.


    First, let me reiterate that for a school district to meet the expectations of its community, and reflect the values that they hold in high regard, a relationship of trust with open communication must always be nurtured.  We do enjoy these vital school and community connections in several areas across the district.  These groups and the people who partake in them, are directly responsible for much of what makes Cleveland Hill such a wonderful place to learn, live and work. 


    Earlier this year in a conversation with our PTSA leadership, they shared their concerns with the declining level of parent and community involvement.  The lack of individuals willing to step up into leadership roles within the PTSA was of particular concern for them.  Several members of their board and other leaders in the organization who have served in various capacities over years are nearing the end of their time here with us as parents. 


    Following this conversation, I reached out to others for insight into whether this was only a PTSA issue, or one shared amongst the several groups and organizations within our school community.  I found that virtually everyone shared the same concerns.  They also shared the belief that increasing parent and community involvement will be essential for maintaining our continued growth and progress.


    As the world turns, so do the names and faces across a school district.  Many of the names and faces we have relied upon for so long will soon be moving on to their next phase in life.  My hope is that some of you reading this consider getting more involved in our schools.  Whether it be with our PTSA, Shared Decision-Making Teams, Athletic Booster Club or one of the other committees and opportunities that exist, we need you.  We know that taking that first step can be the most challenging, so we are here to assist.  Please contact the PTSA, Athletic Booster Club, your building principal or me directly for further information regarding the opportunities to get involved that exist.  Even being a little involved is a huge help.  Simply attending our Board of Education meetings may be a good place to start.  We thank you for your consideration.


    In closing, we hope that you had the opportunity to visit our campus this fall to see the outstanding work we have accomplished on the capital project.  Work on the campus is expected to wrap up early next school year with the replacement of the roof-top air handling units.  Most of the work has been completed ahead of schedule and under budget.


    Academically, for the fifth year in a row, all of our schools are ranked in “Good Standing” by the State Education Department.  We continue to place toward the top in almost every measure of student growth and achievement.  We are proud that our results in this regard are gaining us regional and state-wide recognition, with other districts as well as state officials visiting us to observe the work we do.

    With some rather significant Administrative turnover coming in the next three to five years, along with a number of new mandates and State initiatives, we have also implemented an administrative restructuring plan. After posting for a Director of Student and Staff Health and Safety, we were excited that Miss Sherman, our current High School Principal expressed interest in the position and accepted it. This caused us to then search for and hire a new High School Principal. We are excited to have selected Mr. Timothy Wiles who took over on July 1, 2018. Mr. Wiles comes to us from Amherst High School where he has been a highly effective Assistant Principal. 


    We will also be welcoming a new Business Administrator this summer. The Board of Education recently appointed Mrs. Carolyn Robertson to that post. Mrs. Robertson comes to us with impressive experience and background, being a CPA and having effectively been a School Business Administrator for a number of years. Finding a strong and talented person for this position was one of our top priorities. I am pleased to say that we found the right person to join us and protect our district’s financial future and our community’s investment.


    We are excited as we look forward to the 2018-2019 School Year as many of these changes and transitions will be fully integrated. We expect our gains in student achievement to continue as our attention and efforts in this area remain a top priority. We believe that public education is a customer service industry. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, I ask you to please let us know On behalf of the Cleveland Hill Board of Education, I thank you for your ongoing support and trust, and wish you all a great 2018-2019 School Year.




    Jon T. MacSwan


Superintendent J MacSwan photo