From the Superintendent of Schools


    On behalf of the Board of Education, we hope that you had a wonderful and enjoyable summer, and great start to the 2019-2020 School Year.  We are excited to have the new year underway and are looking forward to another fantastic year here at Cleveland Hill.


    As the work is wrapped up on our softball field, and the “balancing” of our heating and ventilation system progresses,  I am pleased to report that our capital project is coming to a successful conclusion.  We expect our final cost reports and financials to be submitted no later than this December.  As the scope of the work presented its share of challenges and inconveniences, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your patience and understanding.    


    We are also happy to now have our Family Resource Center located here on our main campus after selling the building located at 3660 Harlem Road.  This new location will allow us to more effectively service and support our students, their families and our entire Cleveland Hill community.  If you are interested in further information regarding our Family Resource Center and the services provided, please call 836-7200, ext. 8363 or visit our website.


    Please recall that in 2014 Governor Cuomo proposed and passed the Smart Schools Bond Act or SSBA.  This action authorized the issuance of $2 billion of general obligation bonds to finance improved educational technology and infrastructure to improve learning and opportunity for students across the state.  Cleveland Hill’s share of the SSBA was $1,131,729. 


    A stakeholder group with representatives from across the district met several times to develop our Cleveland Hill SSBA project.  This plan had to be submitted to the State Education Department for approval prior to any money being granted.  After a lengthy wait, we are thrilled that our preliminary approval was received in early October.   The scope of work slated for this SSBA project will largely focus on school safety and technology infrastructure.  You will see significant enhancements at the main entry points for each building that will include integrated smart technology.  We will also be installing several new security cameras, and upgrading that system.  We hope to begin this work in the spring of 2020.


    We ask that you continue to have high expectations of us, ask the difficult questions and attend our Board of Education meetings.  A school district’s awareness of their community, and a community’s better understanding of their school district is vital for a school community to move forward.  Thank you again for your ongoing support!   



    Jon T. MacSwan