From the Superintendent of Schools


    The close of a school year naturally brings a period of reflection. As we reflect on 2017-2018, the words challenge, change and achievement come to mind. The most challenging times were while working through some of the rather significant changes that had been implemented. Change, even when necessary, can be difficult. We are pleased with how well the new people, structures and systems have been added. I am also happy to report that our student achievement data during this same time frame was again impressive. 


    I will share a few of the more significant changes, but student achievement is why we are all here, and I am happy to share a little of that with you. Now for the third straight year, our Cleveland Hill Elementary School remains ranked in the top quarter of all elementary schools in Western New York. Our Middle School moved up 36 positions in the latest Business First ratings, and is now ranked in the top third for all middle schools. This 36 spot jump makes our Cleveland Hill Middle School the fastest improving middle school in Western New York. Our push to increase our Regents Diplomas with Advanced Designation is beginning to take root, and our High School still maintains one of the highest graduation rates in the region.


    Now for a few of the changes. Please recall that we began the 2017-2018 school year introducing a new office structure in the Middle and High Schools. After a few initial bumps in the road, the splitting of these offices has proved to be a great move, allowing both programs to truly establish and strengthen their own unique identity and educational experience for our students. I would like to thank the Middle and High Schools’ faculty, staff, students and parents for their support and cooperation during this transition. 


    Another significant and necessary change that we will be experiencing for the next year or so is our capital project. Just driving past the campus you will see some rather significant renovations and improvements. This level of construction work inevitably causes some substantial disruption to our normal operations. It also tests the patience of our closest neighbors who are unquestionably having to deal with some additional noise and traffic. I thank you all for your support and cooperation, and encourage you to contact me directly with any issues or concerns. 


    With some rather significant Administrative turnover coming in the next three to five years, along with a number of new mandates and State initiatives, we have also implemented an administrative restructuring plan. After posting for a Director of Student and Staff Health and Safety, we were excited that Miss Sherman, our current High School Principal expressed interest in the position and accepted it. This caused us to then search for and hire a new High School Principal. We are excited to have selected Mr. Timothy Wiles who took over on July 1, 2018. Mr. Wiles comes to us from Amherst High School where he has been a highly effective Assistant Principal. 


    We will also be welcoming a new Business Administrator this summer. The Board of Education recently appointed Mrs. Carolyn Robertson to that post. Mrs. Robertson comes to us with impressive experience and background, being a CPA and having effectively been a School Business Administrator for a number of years. Finding a strong and talented person for this position was one of our top priorities. I am pleased to say that we found the right person to join us and protect our district’s financial future and our community’s investment.


    We are excited as we look forward to the 2018-2019 School Year as many of these changes and transitions will be fully integrated. We expect our gains in student achievement to continue as our attention and efforts in this area remain a top priority. We believe that public education is a customer service industry. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, I ask you to please let us know On behalf of the Cleveland Hill Board of Education, I thank you for your ongoing support and trust, and wish you all a great 2018-2019 School Year.




    Jon T. MacSwan


Superintendent J MacSwan photo