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  • Mr. Daryl C. Janus
    Director of Curriculum and Assessment

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    In addition to goals set by the Board of Education, the following goals have been articulated for school improvement.


                       Cleveland Hill UFSD: Roadmap 2012-2013



    All goals are focused on school improvement & increasing student achievement.


    1.  APPR procedures will be developed and implemented by September 2012.


    -       Teachers & Administrators will  be trained on the Danielson 2011 rubric.

    -       Administrators will use the Teachscape Proficiency Training to ensure inter-rater reliability.

    -       A list will be created to show which teachers need SLO(s) and how many they need to write.

    -       SLOs for the state points will be developed for courses that don’t culminate with a state test.

    -       SLOs for the local points will be negotiated, agreed upon and developed.

    -       Forms & procedures for APPR will be articulated and shared by October 2012.


    2.  Teachers will use assessment to improve teaching & learning.

    -       Every teacher will develop an assessment calendar by 6/30/12.

    -       Teachers will identify priority skills & concepts to back-map and revisit routinely.

    -       All teachers will create and give interim assessments.

    -       Teachers will engage in professional dialogue about teaching and learning based on evidence / assessments.

    -       Core idea: Assessments are not the end of the teaching and learning process; they are the starting point.

    -       The rigor of classroom instruction must match end of year expectations.



    3.  The District will implement Data Driven Instruction.


    -       Building leaders will be prepared to talk about student achievement using data as evidence.

    -       Teachers will be prepared to talk about student learning using data as evidence.

    -       Teachers will use regularly scheduled assessments to drive instruction.

    -       End of course assessments will reflect priority skills & concepts that are woven throughout the course.

    -      All teachers will write daily lesson plans & administrators will ensure accountability.

    -       All teachers will engage in professional dialogue to inform teaching and learning with the      implementation of CASL teams.

    -    Teachers will learn about & develop deep understanding of new mind frames (Hattie).