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    Welcome to The Hill!

    High School Principal Timothy J. Wiles

    Welcome to Cleveland Hill High School! The faculty and staff at Cleveland Hill High School eagerly educate roughly 400 students in grades 9 - 12, in our small hamlet in the Town of Cheektowaga. We are a school that thrives on community, hard work, and maintaining a strong culture. Every decision we make is based on ensuring that our students have the confidence and skills to be successful in whatever challenges come their way. At Cleveland Hill High School, the support that our faculty and staff provides for our students ensures that they have the confidence and skills to overcome the educational impacts of social and peer situations, and outside influences in the home or community. 


    At Cleve Hill, we offer an enriched academic program where students will find what they need to be prepared for college and/or the workforce. Thanks to our Board of Education’s commitment to distance learning and dual enrollment courses, our students can graduate with 40+ credit hours that are transferable to many of our local colleges and universities. In addition, we offer CTE programs for students of all ages through connections to the BOCES P-Tech and Harkness Programs. Additionally, we are in the process of building our own in-house CTE sequence, which culminates in an internship at one of our local neighboring partner companies (Internships to begin in 21 - 22 school year). Our talented and supportive teachers work to ensure that all students get what they need to succeed, and our College and Career Center gives students and families an added advantage by offering direct support with applications, financial aid, and scholarships. It is our collective goal to prepare our students to take on any of life’s challenges when they leave our doors. 


    At the start of the 19-20 school year, our faculty worked together to develop a new tradition that would help define our culture. We coined it, “Rise and Grind, Grind and Rise.” What it demonstrates is how every morning, rain or shine, our teachers get up early (Rise) and put in hours of work on behalf of our students (Grind). They do this, so that our students can learn that through the efforts of hard work (Grind), they can be successful and overcome any challenging situation that they might face (Rise). “Rise and Grind, Grind and Rise” has become a motto around our halls, and even inspired the creation of the “Rise and Grind Teacher of the Month” award. This award is driven through student nomination and selection, and is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate their gratitude for all of the efforts that go into helping them become successful. It goes hand in hand with another phrase that is commonly heard around our school, which is “Cleveland Hill is the Small school with the Big heart!” 


    Go Eagles!




    For this upcoming school year, students and families should know that our Bell Schedule has changed (see below) and homeroom will now start five minutes earlier than in the past. This should not have any impact on transportation services. 





    Total Time

    Band (0)



    25 mins

    Block 1



    70 mins

    Block 2



    55 mins

    Block 3



    55 mins

    Block 4



    55 mins

    5E (early class)



    55 mins

    5E (early lunch)



    30 mins

    5L (late class)



    55 mins

    5L (late lunch)



    30 mins

    Block 6



    62 mins




    breakfast program



    In addition, we will now host a Community Eligibility Provision for all students in 19 - 20. This means all students will be elgible to receive one breakfast and one lunch each day at no charge. Copies of the “Family Income Eligibility Form” have been mailed home. Simply fill it out and return it to school with your child, and they will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. 




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