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  • Physical Setting--Earth Science

    This course is investigative in nature and is student activity oriented. The theme of this course is that we live on a dynamic Earth that is constantly changing.

    After students are acquainted with standard observation and measurement techniques, they concentrate their study on the Earth, its motions and its place in the solar system. Atmosphere and energy changes and how they influence the Earth's features are also analyzed. Finally, the student examines the history of the Earth as revealed through the examination of rocks and minerals. The student, through labs and related experiences, is encouraged to be able to draw useful conclusions from presented information.  Satisfactory completion of all required laboratory reports is a mandatory prerequisite to the Regents Assessment.  All students will be prepared for a locally prepared final exam as well as for the NYS Science Assessment required for graduation.

    This is a co-taught course with both Mr. Barrett and Mrs. Bedore working together with student success as their goal.