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    Debra Kieliszek        Voice mail # 5024

    I have been teaching at Clevehill for over 25 years and love teaching here!!!

    I was selected in September of 2015 to be in the NY state master teacher program. It is an honor to be in this program. Each year I put in over 50 professional development hours working with other science teachers on developing new material for my classroom.  One of the professional learning teams I joined in the master teacher program studied literacy skills in the science classroom. I along with two other  master teachers had a paper published in the summer of 2018 on developing science literacy skills in the classroom. I have been working with my students to impove their science literacy skills over the last few years. 

    Earth Science can be a very challenging subject for some students.

    To have a successful year there will need to be a good partnership  between myself, parents and students.