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  • ¡Bienvenidos a mi página! (Welcome to my page.) This webpage is for students and parents of students who are taking Spanish 4, 2 or Spanish 2 Honors. There are many useful subpages and functions on this site that are meant to facilitate language learning and provide support for students and parents at home. If you have questions or suggestions regarding this site, I can be contacted online at 

    My room # is HS 230.

    Spanish 2: This course is the next level after Middle School Spanish (or HS Spanish 1).  We will review Spanish Checkpoint A  topics throughout the year and add higher level vocabulary to cover the first half of the Checkpoint B Curriculum.  We will be working with several new verb tenses as well as high level grammar to help students develop a more sophisticated command of their language skills.


    Spanish 2 Honors: This course is designed with the highly motivated Spanish student in mind. Students in this course were recommended by their 8th grade (or Spanish I) teacher based on grades, effort and behavior to participate in our Spanish 2 Honors program. Students in this class will learn the same basic material as the other Spanish 2 classes but at a more advanced pace. Students in this class will be expected to participate frequently in Spanish and will be given more challenging projects and tests than the regular Spanish 2 students. These students are expected to move on to Spanish 3 next year with a solid foundation of grammar, vocabulary and culture.


    Spanish 4:  This course is designed for proficient Spanish Language Learners who are interested in pursuing Spanish at an advanced level.  This course is set up in college seminar format that is intended to prepare students for taking Spanish 5 as a college credit course. We will be learning about history, politics and culture of several Spanish-speaking countries as well as completing units focusing on literature, film analysis, language education and careers involved with Foreign Language.  Expectations for behavior and work ethic are very high in this course.  


    Policy for Use of Online Translation Sites


    Use of translations sites is limited to looking up single vocabulary words or small phrases in a manner that a Spanish-English dictionary would be used.  Students may not use an online translator to create entire essays, articles or entire assignments.  Students who do so will receive a 0% for any assignment that is created entirely using an online translator.  Students may use Spanish spell check when typing a document in Microsoft Word.  




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