Safe & Civil Schools

  • Safe and Civil Schools Program

    Safe and Civil Schools is a nationally recognized positive behavior intervention program (PBIS) focused on promoting the use of self-reflection, data, structure and collaboration as basic processes for promoting a safe and healthy school environment.  This program also promotes the belief that students should be treated with respect, taught the skills and behaviors they  need to succeed, and encouraged through positive interactions.

    The MS has been working hard to implement the Hallway Behavior policy which focuses on appropriate hallway and stairs movement, walking speed, proper voice levels, locker usage and acceptable physical contact between students.

    We have also implemented our "5 Star Cafe" cafeteria policy which expects students will:

    Arrive on time to cafeteria —no straggling in hall/at lockers

    Sit at designed tables

    Walk to lunch line when called (level 2 walking)

    Proceed through the lunch line quickly, orderly and using good manners

    Return to your table and remain seated while eating your lunch

    Follow garbage collection procedures

    Exit your lunch table when dismissed by an adult

    Our Motto: “BRIDGES”


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    Dignity and


    Everyday with

    Students and Staff


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