Mrs. Cyrek's and Mrs. Duggan's Class

  • "Today a Reader,
    Tomorrow a Leader!" 

    W. Fosselman

    Tips for a Successful School Year!


    Fall is an exciting time for Middle School students.  Many students are busy joining new clubs, participating in sports, and making new friends. 6th graders are busy becoming acclimated to Middle School expectations and 7th and 8th graders return to face new challenges. In the spirit of the new school year here are some tips to help your Middle School student have a successful year.


     Stay Organized!


        *   The school has purchased agendas, which students are supposed to carry at all times. Make sure you are writing down classroom assignments.

        *  We recommend using a separate folder for each class. Many of the teams have encourages students to color code their folders for each class. For example, use a green folder for Science.

        * Keep that locker clean!  Students should take a few minutes each week to get rid of garbage or take home unnecessary items.


      Study for Tests 


        * Know when you have tests. Write the dates in your agenda.

        * Ask the teachers what material will be covered on the tests. Many teachers provide study guides. Be sure to use them!

        * Study for 15-20 minutes a day starting 3-4 days before the test.  Trying to do all your studying the night before a test is stressful and often ineffective.

        * Quiz yourself and identify what material you don't know as well. Spend time studying the material you are unsure of.


    Be On Time

    Frequent tardiness will result in detention and missing important class information. Learn your schedule and plan ahead so you aren't late. For example, if you have 2nd period Science on the 3rd floor, and 3rd period F&C on the 1st floor, take your F&C folder to Science so you don't have to stop at your locker and you won't be late.



    Keeping up with your Accelerated Reader is important for your success in ELA class. Also, the more you read, the better you will become with comprehension and vocabulary.


    Ask for Help if you need It

    If you are struggling, stay after school with a teacher. You can also talk to your parents or a counselor. You can be successful! Have a great year!