• Study Guide for Solar System


    What is a comet?A ball of mostly ice

    Where is the asteroid belt located?between mars and jupiter

    Name the planets in order.Mercury,venus,earth,mars,jupiter,saturn,uranus

    Name 5 things we use to explore space.telescopes,satellites,spaceships,robots

    The moon is a natural _object___________.

    Draw the phases of the moon.

    What is the red spot on Jupiter?a storm

    Which planet is most famous for having rings?saturn

    Which planet is covered in water?Earth

    What is the sun made of?70% hydrogen,28% helium,1.5%oxygen

    Which planet is furthest from the sun?uranus

    What caused the tides?gravitational interaction between the Earth and the Moon

    The moon’s _gravity__________ pulls on the Earth’s water?

    What is one of the most important scientific developments that have allowed space exploration and how has it helped?

Mrs. Kuzdzal Science Grade 6