• School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a different way of handling discipline. PBIS is…


    • Proactive: Trying to prevent inappropriate behaviors by putting school-wide procedures in place and if needed, changing the environment.


    • Educative: Teaching the students what we expect of them while in school (Expectations). Teaching our students the rules for specific settings (Cafeteria, Arrival/Dismissal, Special Area Classes, etc).


    • Reinforcement Based: Giving students rewards when they demonstrate the school’s expectations and when they follow the school’s rules.


    • Negative consequences are given for inappropriate behavior. We want the consequences to change the student’s behavior, so the student does not display the same behavior again.




    What does PBIS look like at Cleveland Hill Elementary?


    • A small number of clear expectations leading to success.

    • Teachers, staff, and students are able to state the expectations and rules.

    • Students are taught the expectations and rules.

    • Teachers continuously teach the expectations and rules.

    • Teachers know what behaviors to manage and what behaviors the administration will manage.

    • Students are rewarded for meeting the expectations and for following the rules.




    Cleveland Hill Elementary School’s Expectations:


    • Be Respectful

    • Be Responsible

    • Be Safe



    Parent Tips


    Here are some ideas of things you can do at home with your child:


    1. Talk to your child about their day.
    2. Keep communication between you and the teacher active throughout the school year.
    3. Focus on and encourage the positive choices your child is making.