Ms. DeMan's Page - 5th Grade Teacher

  • March In Ms. DeMan's

    Diversity Week is the 10th - 14th


    1) Report cards will go home on March 19th.  Please sign the envelope and send it back to class.  You may keep the report card.

    2) Conference slips will be coming home soon.  Parent Teacher Conference day is March 28th.  It is in the afternoon time and is only a half day.  I am only requesting some student's parents for conference.  If you feel you need to see me, I would be happy to set something up at a different time.  My e-mail is  You can also leave me a voice message and I will get back to you as son as possible.

    3) Please continue to check your child's Go Home Folder for notes, graded assigments and tests, as well as finished classwork.  This will keep you informed as to the activities, events and curriculum that your child is taking part in, including their current grades.

    Also remember to check agendas weekly or everyday to see the assigments your child should be completing for homework.

    If ou have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

    Voicemail: 836-7200 ext. 652