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  • Welcome to my Reading Website!

    My name is Mrs. Fadeley and I am the reading specialist for Kindergarten and First Grade.

    Dear Families,

    I created this website as a place to not only learn more about the Reading & Literacy Program at Cleveland Hill Elementary School , but also to provide you with more information and resources about literacy and the skill of reading.

    Please use the navigation bar to the left to guide your online-journey into the world of literacy. You will find information about what programs we use, ideas to support reading at home, and links to wonderful websites for parents and children.

    Thank you for visiting and for all that you do to guide your child's journey with literacy.

    Thank you for visiting!


    Listed Below are 7 Habits of Great Readers

    1.  Great Readers see themselves as readers.
    2.  Great Readers make sense of text.
    3.  Great Readers use what they know.
    4.  Great Readers understand how stories work.
    5.  Great Readers read to learn.
    6.  Great readers monitor and organize ideas and information.
    7.  Great Readers think critically about books.