Ms. Secor's Home Page

  • Welcome to my new classroom website!   

    I am currently updating my website, so you will notice that many parts aren't complete. They will be very SOON!  Happy Holidays!

    Here are a few ways you can contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
    My email is    You can call 836-7200 and the office will put you through to my voicemail.  I will call you back or email, at the end of the school day. 

    Many parents ask what my role is, as the Special Education, Co-Teacher.
    Here are some of my roles:

    1. Instruction in whole, small groups or 1:1 in all core areas.
    2. Differentiating instruction or lessons to meet the needs of all students in the classroom.
    3. Reteaching and preteaching of concepts to students who show the need for extra support.
    4. Resource room instruction for students who need extra help in Mathematics and ELA.
    5. Provide research based intervention services to students.
    6. Implement behavior strategies to help all students succeed in the Gen. Ed. classroom.
    7. Have fun with all students and make learning fun.

    What have we been learning?
    In ELA we are learning about:
    - Recognizing our sight words and reading them in isolation and in texts
    - Our alphabet letter names and their initial sounds
    - Blending letter sounds together to make c-v-c words or longer words
    - Finger spelling when writing unfamiliar words and writing the sounds we hear
    - Calendar Concepts and positional concepts
    - Recognizing rhyming words and verbally giving words that rhyme
    - Concepts of Print- Left to Right Directionality, Top to bottom reading and using their reading       fingers to help guide their reading when in a text
    - Writing labeling books and pattern books (see further description below)
    - Using spacing, punctuation and capital letters when appropriate in writing

    ** Label Books- The students are asked to draw illustrations about something and use their sounds to label that picture. We are encouraging beginning, middle and ending sounds.  We have and continue to encourage the students to "finger spell" the word. This means say the word, stretch the word out slowly and write each sound they hear, to spell the word.  

    ** Pattern Books- The students continue to label their illustrations but now are writing a complete sentence that describes their illustration.  They are encouraged to use a pattern of words when writing. For example: ( I like the ________. I like the _______. ) (We can see a ________. We can see a ________).  They can use any pattern of words they choose and sometimes put the pattern of words at the end of their sentences. For example: ( The _____ is big.   The _______ is big.).  We have also taught them to do see-saw books which flip flop back and forth when writing. For example: (That ________ is little.   That ________ is big.) The children are having lots of fun writing and sharing these little masterpieces with their classmates.   We look forward to our Celebration of Writing this month too!

    In Mathematics we are learning about:

    Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to continually adding new resources and information that will help you, to help your child.