• Cleveland Hill Middle School Physical Education:

    Mrs. Chapman

  • 3 students playing soccer, jumping rope and lifting weights


    • Nothing works unless you do
    • You've got to move to improve
    • You're it, Get fit
    • Achieve success through movement
    • Become physically literate for a lifetime
    • PE is not a spectator sport
    • Preform movement with a purpose
  • Teaching is my passion! I have been teaching for the past 9 years and have just recently joined the Cleveland Hill family. I currently hold a  NYS professional teaching cerfication for Physical Education/ Health Educaiton. As an educator I am here to teach my students the importance of life-long fitness. In my class I try to develop innovative lessons that the students enjoy. I want my students to look forward to PE class and the lessons I have planned for them.

I love PE
  • Why Physical Education???

    Physical Education is important because it promotes physical activity for life, provides an outlet for creativity and self-expression, helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and strengthens relationhips with others/social skills.