Student of the Month



    Purpose – To recognize Cleveland Hill students who have, through their action or achievement, demonstrated possession of those ideals and attitudes consistent with improving life in a free and democratic society.


    Procedure – Each month, October through June, three students will be recognized: one from grades K-5, one from grades 6-8 and one from grades 9-12. Presentations will be made immediately at the beginning of the Board Meeting on the third Wednesday of the month. Honorees and their parents are invited to attend the Board Meeting.


    Recommendations – Deserving students may be recommended to the principal by teachers, administrators, parents, members of the community or fellow students for accomplishments in school or in the community at large.


    Criteria – The philosophy and goals of the Cleveland Hill Schools establish criteria for selection of the student of the month. And include, but are not limited to, demonstrating:


    1. The development of student’s recognition of the rights and responsibilities of being an American citizen; that is, the skills, understanding, beliefs and commitments necessary for governing by, for, and of the people.


    2. The development of a student’s moral, ethical and personal values; that is, how the student perceives him or herself and others in terms of such concepts as pride, honesty, justice, fair play, honor, freedom and religion.


    3. The development of the student’s knowledge of his or her own and others’ cultures and with developing his understanding and appreciation of the arts: music, drama, visual arts, literature and dance.