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  • Cleveland Hill UFSD Reopening Plan

    As the District produces information regarding reopening, updates will be posted here

    August 13, 2020

    The District will be conducting it's second Virtual Town Hall on August 19th at 11 am.  Mr. MacSwan will be answering questions submitted to the district and interested individuals can actually be a part of the meeting (if interested).  A link to view the town hall will be made available on that day.  If you wish to actively participate (ie.. ask questions or speak during the meeting), you can submit your interest in the form link provided above.  This form will be closed on the Monday, August 17th so that we can assemble all the questions.

    Town Hall Google Form

    Secondly, a link below will re-direct you a recording of the August 12th Virtual Town Hall Meeting.  In all, we had over 300 people involved (either participating, viewing live or submitting questions) for nearly TWO hours!  Thank you!

    Cleveland Hill Virtuall Town Hall Meeting-August 12th.


    August 12, 2020

    Reminder- Today, Mr. MacSwan will be holding a community forum at 6 pm.  This forum is being held online.  To view this forum, visit the link below at 6 pm:

    Community Forum-August 12th-6 PM

    He will also be hosting a similar event on August 19th at 11 a.m.  Several families requested a different time, as they work 2nd or 3rd shift.  Return to this webpage later in the week for a chance to submit questions to be answered, or sign up to actively participating DURING the meeting.

    Building Based Community Q&A Sessions

    Each of our schools are offering parents and community members an opportunity to ask questions and share comments/concerns about the reopening of schools. The purpose will be to ensure that the lines of communication between the home and school are open and flowing. During this Q & A, questions about the reopening of schools, health and safety measures and protocols, and the different learning models that we might see implemented during the 20 - 21 school year will be addressed.  Below are the links for EACH of the buildings.  Please submit any questions by Monday, August 17th.

    Elementary School Question Submissions

    Middle School Question Submissions

    High School Question Submissions

    Distance Learning Option for Immuno-compromised/Anxious Families:

    For families that are anxious about returning to school (or immuno-compromised):

    The district is providing an opportunity to sign up for FULL Distance Learning.  If you are interested in this model, please click on the link below to register.  Understand that registration for the program commits your child (or children) to MINIMALLY a full marking period.  If familes would like their child to return to Hybrid (or full attendance, if/when that occurs), the transition would occur at the end of a quarter (MS or HS) or a trimester (ES).  Details of the Full Distance Learning Option were in the letter send on August 11th.  If you do NOT complete this form, it indicates you plan on sending your child into school, on September 8th, to participate in the hybrid model.

    Full Distance Learning Registration Form 


    Rotational Calendar for the Hyrid Model

    Click on the link below to view the Cycle Day rotation for the upcoming school year.  On this, you can see which days are for "Blue" students and which days are for "Gold" students.  Additionally, the cycle day (A through F) is listed for each day.  This cycle day determines what classes students are going to attend on that particular day.  Finally, you will note that each Wednesday is a remote learning day AT HOME.  However, students willl still follow a rotational day EVERY Wednesday.  The Wednesday time schedules will be forthcoming in the next two weeks.

    2020-21 Hybrid Model Cycle Day rotation


    August 11, 2020

    Click on the link below to see a letter from Mr. MacSwan about Cleveland Hill's Instructional Model for Reopening:

    Instructional Model for Reopening

    July 30, 2020

    The District Reopening Plan was submitted to the State Education Department and the Governor of New York State.  Click on the link below to view the new plan:


    Cleveland Hill UFSD Reopening Plan

    Additionally, below are some links from New York State and the CDC for additional resources:

    CDC Resources

    NYS Reopening Guidance

    NYS Master Guidance

    Protocol for a Positive COVID Test- Staff or Student

    July 27, 2020


    Update Letter-Mr. MacSwan-Reopening Draft  - This update speaks to a required reopening plan that the district needs to submit to the State Education Department.


    The District has completed the first draft of the required school reopening plan.  This draft is available for your review by clicking on the link below:


    Draft-Cleveland Hill Reopening Plan


    Additionally, if you would like to provide feedback or questions that may shape our draft, you can do so by clicking on the link below


    Town Hall Google Form


    Finally, the district will be conducting a Virtual Town Hall on August 12th at 6 pm.  A link to view the town hall will be made available on that day.  If you wish to actively participate (ie.. ask questions or speak during the meeting), you can submit your interest in the form link provided above.

    July 22, 2020

    Transportation Survey - The district is conducting a transportation survey of ALL parents.  Please complete this survey by August 7th.  The survey inquires about each family's interest in transporting their own children to and/or from school each day.  In a separate survey, 49% of our parents preferred providing transportation (vs. riding on a school bus).

    To access this survey, click on the link below:

    CH Transportation Survey

    July 16, 2020

    Fall Sports Update - New York State released the plan for Fall High School Sports.  All Fall Sports are postponed until, minimally, September 21st.  In the attached memo (link below), there is also an outline of "condensed" sport season that would see all three sports seasons conducted between January 2, 2021 and June 12, 2021 (if sports can't be played in the fall due to Health Guidance).  Fall Regional and State Championships have already been canceled, as well.  

    Please click on the link below:


    Fall Sports Memo


    NYS School Reopening Guidance

    On Monday, July 13, 2020, Governor Cuomo shared the plan for reopening NYS schools for the 2020-2021 school year. The decision to reopen is based on a formula that uses current COVID-19 data. The reopening formula only provides for areas in Phase IV with a daily infection rate of 5% or lower over a 14 day average. After the Governor’s August 1-7 decision to open a school is made, the decision could be reversed if a spike occurs and the daily infection rate is above 9% over a seven day average.


    Additionally, the NYSED’s School Reopening Guidance Document was provided as guidance to school districts as they develop their mandatory reopening plans – whether instruction occurs in person, remotely, or in some combination of the two.


    The Cleveland Hill Union Free School District has been working on reopening plans for several weeks in advance of this guidance. Reopening committees, at the building and district levels, will convene in the month of July and dissect the NYSED’s School Reopening Guidance Document to ensure all aspects of the guidance are addressed. During these stakeholder workshops, the results of the recent regional parent/student/staff survey will be shared and processed. The survey results have already been posted online.


    The final plan will include protocols for health and safety, nutrition, facilities, transportation, social emotional well-being, attendance, technology and connectivity, teaching and learning, special education, English as a second language, and staffing.


    When plans are finished and include the mandatory elements outlined in the NYSED’s School Reopening Guidance Document, they must be posted on the Cleveland Hill website. Districts must provide these plans and live links to NYSED by July 31, 2020.


    Updates on the progress of these plans will be shared in the Superintendent’s email updates and here on the district website.





    For historical content that was posted between March 1st and July 15th, click on the link below: