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Mrs. Wagner's Counseling Program Page: Featuring Mindfulness and Grounding!

Welcome to the Mindfulness and Grounding Page!!!

With Mrs. Wagner - School Counselor

Mindfulness and grounding strategies are helpful when faced with strong emotions or challenging situations. What a better time than now to invite ALL STUDENTS PK-5 to practice MINDFULNESS and GROUNDING! 

tree pose

Kindness and Peace for all!!

Please view the Flipgrid Video: 

For Our Little 🦅s!!! 💙💛 Love from your teachers!! We are all smiling under our masks!! So excited to be together! 😊


Resources For Parents:

Back to school: A 4-week plan to start the year right

Social Distancing Challenges for Kids and How to Help

Family Guide to At-Home Learning

Distance learning survival guide

8 Ways to Make School Morning Routines Easier


Life Lessons From Literature - Last to Finish

Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets


5 Great Grade School Books About Kids Who Learn Differently

Picture Schedules:

Getting ready for school

Getting ready for bed

Afterschool routine

Cleaning up room


Helpful Resources for Parents Sheet

SEL at Home (Social Emotional Learning Resource for Parents)

Social Distancing not Emotional Distancing Newsletter for Parents

Living in Limbo Newsletter

Turning lemons into lemonade newsletter



Archived resources from Distance Learning 3/2020-6/2020:

Mindfulness and Grounding Activities #10 - 5/26/20

Affirmation Cards for Kids  

Mindfulness and Grounding Activities #9 - 5/11/20

Mood Meter

Taking a Meta-Moment & How to Make Your Own Cool-Down Corner with Ms. Lê

Mindfulness and Grounding Activities #8 - 4/28/20

Melting - Flow | GoNoodle

Mindfulness Bell

Mindfulness and Grounding Activities #7 - 4/21/20

Get the Adventures of Superstretch Yoga App Here!

 Superstretch app

Mindfulness and Grounding Activities #6 - 4/13/20

Video - 3 Minutes Peaceful Breaths: Mindful Breathing for Anxiety in Kids I Calmer classrooms

Relax and Focus - enlarge GIF and breathe with the shape:


Mindfulness and Grounding Activities #5 - 4/6/20

Mindfulness for Kids : What does being present mean?

Mindfulness and Grounding Activities #4 - 4/1/20

smile  These are cool! Check it out! Online Mindfulness Classes for Kids smile

 Mindfulness and Grounding Activities #3 - 3/30/20

My Secret Treehouse - guided meditation for kids

Mindfulness and Grounding Activities #2 - 3/27/20

Easy Sit Pose Mindfulness Activity - Mrs. Wagner's Relaxing Goldfish

Mindfulness and Grounding Activities #1 - 3/25/20 

Easy Sit Pose

Square Breathing Exercise






Kids Explain Mindfulness
Kids Explain Mindfulness

Students - please watch the attached video to hear kids describe mindfulness!

Down To Earth documentary - The Science of Grounding
Down To Earth documentary - The Science of Grounding

For Parents - very interesting piece about physical grounding (to the Earth) and the benefits to our mental and physical health.