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Updated Yearbook Announcement

Attention CHES Families:

We know that many families were inquiring about the status of the CHES Yearbook for the 2019-2020 school year.  For that reason, we reached out to Lifetouch which is the company that creates our yearbooks.  Here is the response from Jeff DeCarlo who is the Area Sales Manager for Lifetouch:

Dear Principal Pascual,

We at Lifetouch appreciate your patience regarding the production and delivery challenges we have been facing since the start of the COVID19 pandemic. We know how important the spring semester and yearbooks are to you and your families.

As you may be aware, Lifetouch was acquired by Shutterfly during 2018. Since the acquisition, Shutterfly and Lifetouch have been working on improving how we seamlessly help our clients capture, store, and share their valuable memories. Critical to that success are the integration of technology and automation of processes between our two organizations.

COVID19 could not have come at a worst time. The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our organization especially on the operations and production side of the business. It has challenged our organization to become more agile than we ever expected. We regret that our customers are feeling the effects of these challenges.

The good news, our yearbook plants are open and printing but may be running on a reduced staff to adhere to social distancing mandates. Our production continues to trend upward, and we are doing our best to maintain a reasonable timeline of your delivery. Although, we are unable to fully commit to a firm date we will provide tracking information once your book is ready to ship. Our commitment to you is to provide as much as we know when we know it.

Thank you for your patience with Lifetouch during these unprecedented times. We value and appreciate your business! Please do not hesitate to contact your Lifetouch representative to schedule a call for further discussion.



Jeff DeCarlo

Area Sales Manager

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