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Middle and High School Chorus Recording

The Cleveland Hill Middle School and High School choruses, under the direction of Mrs. Nicole Jeswald, have been busily preparing two songs each since September.  They have done so in school and in virtual meetings.  
Mrs. Jeswald chose one song per group and made a recording of the group singing the song.  Since they could not be in concert or even singing near each other (except for 12 feet apart), each student was assigned to record himself or herself independently performing their part and submit it to Mrs. Jeswald.  She, in turn, used a special sound editing program to align their recordings into what sounds like one unified performance.
Here, for your listening pleasure, are the performances!
6th Grade Chorus on "Blackbird", by Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Arranged by Audrey Snyder.
7th and 8th Grade Chorus on "A Million Dreams" (from the Greatest Showman) by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.  Arranged by Roger Emerson.
Featuring soloists Elliot Luis-Madrigal, Parker Wilcox, and Angelina Carlucci. Special descant harmony by Kyra Vest and Eleanor O'Brien.
High School Chorale on "Never Enough" (from the Greatest Showman) by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.  Arranged by Mark Brymer.
Eagle Entertainers on "Carol of the Bells" by Peter Wilhousky.

Carol of the Bells

Blackbird 6th grade

Never Enough SATB

A Million Dreams